News Articles


Women’s self defence classes

We are pleased to announce self defence classes for women at the centre every Saturday starting 19th August 2017. Please see our admin to enrol and for advice.


Cycling event

Our cycling team recently took part in charity bike ride to raise money for the Manchester incident. We were able to join local politicians and a convoy of bikes travelling from Bradford.

National sisters youth camp

Recently our sisters from khizra Mosque attended a national youth camp where they had an opportunity to socialise and engage with sisters from other parts of the country. This was thoroughly enjoyed by the youth team.


Food drop

In the last month our volunteers at Khizra Mosque helped distribute food to needy families in the locality and beyond. This previous month we supported 15 families with food items for one month to those in need. This is only possible through your generous donations and help from our brothers and sisters who volunteer and help with this great project.


Khizra youth award

Khizra Mosque is pleased to announce that it has received another award as its youth were awarded the khizra youth team award 2017. This is a great achievement for our youth and well done and congratulations to all. This award was awarded to our youth whilst attending a national youth camp with many of our youngsters attending.

Help the needy project at khizra mosque

As part of our held the needy project over the previous weekend many of our young volunteers helped arrange food for the families who are in need in our locality. This month we are supporting 8-9 local families with food items for one month. We then received a call from another 2 local families and again our volunteers were able to provide food items for one month to these local families.

This is an opportunity for us to help those in need. We had several new volunteers helping out in this great project. We must be grateful to Allah SWT who has blessed us with an opportunity to help those in need. Many of our brothers and sisters regularly help with this project.

May Allah accept their donations, efforts and hard work in this cause and reward them abundantly in this life and the hereafter.

On the authority of Abu Huraira (may Allah be pleased with him) from the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) who said, ”Whosoever removes a worldly grief from a believer, Allah will remove from him one of the griefs of the Day of Judgment”.

Jazakallah khairun.


Eid drop off to homeless from khizra mosque volunteers

On Eid ul Adha a donation of large packs of hot cooked food and bottled water for 110 people was donated by Khizra mosque to a homeless shelter in the Cheetham hill area who provide food for over 100 people a day. This was provided from generous donations from brothers and sisters for this cause and our celebrating Eid in the community with those who are less fortunate than us. The service users include predominantly non Muslims and some Muslims. The staff and service users some of who are homeless and needy were very grateful for the food provided. May Allah accept this donation and help all those in difficulty in this world. Jazakallah khairun.


Basic life support (BLS) training

Khizra Mosque is pleased to announce that it took part in the national lifesavers event in association with BIMA and BHF. It was encouraging to see attendees young and old and male and female attending the event. The feedback was great and many had learnt many basic skills that could help those needing CPR. We plan to continue these events at our centre on a regular basis. This was a free event led by trained health professionals in this area.

We were also asked to conduct this basic life support session at a mosque in bury and again our volunteers from khizra attended the event and led the sessions helping train many more with basic skills to carry out CPR, how to deal with choking and recovery position. The feedback was again good with many having benefitted from this session.

Marriage service at khizra mosque

We continue to hold marriage introduction events at khizra Mosque every week and have now been doing so for almost a year. This is a great service provided to the local community and had been beneficial. Please pass on details to those interested by visiting our website and following instructions on the attached links.

Tuition service at khizra Mosque

We continue to have tuition classes at khizra Mosque for those in year 2, 5 and 6 preparing for SATS and secondary school. These are led by professional teachers teaching at local schools. They have been beneficial for those attending. They are taught English and maths at present and we do plan do expand to other subjects and ages in the near future. Please co fact is if interested.

Khizra Mosque Quran and Adhan competition

We are pleased to announce that khizra Mosque held its local final of the Quran and Adhan competition with winners going through to the national competition taking place in November 2016. We will all the students success in this competition and are proud of the students who have participated and shown the great talents they have.

Khizra Mosque Debate club

We are pleased to announce that khizra Mosque has recently started a debate club for its students at the supplementary school and youth from the centre to help them with having fruitful discussion and having debate ins. Professional manner. This is led by our youth team and supplementary school teacher and has been an excellent service provided and we hope this can continue over the year and benefit our students and youth. Jazakallah khairun.

School visits at khizra mosque

We continue with our tradition of hosting visits from schools and other institutes and public offices at our centre who are interested in learning about Islam. This has been a busy year with many visits and these continue throughout the year. We regularly hold visits and if any institute or organisation is interested if they could contact us for more information by visiting our website.


Town hall visit by khizra mosque team

We were pleased to receive an invite by the Lord Mayor of Manchester and councillors to visit the town hall and meet the Lord Mayor and councillors. This was an event in which invites were sent out for those who have helped with community work. It was an excellent event and much appreciated invite. Our team had a chance to have a tour of the town hall and meet the team there. Thank you.


Macmillan cancer support at khizra mosque 

We held our charity event at khizra Mosque raising funds for Macmillan cancer support and raised over £873 alhamdulillah for this cause. This was a joint effort from brothers and sisters and was achieved through the generous donations of our brothers and sisters. 

Alhamdulillah we had a brilliant turn out at Khizra Mosque for this event with many of our brothers and sisters donating food and helping serve tea, coffee and food for the guests who attended.

We had 2 nurses from the local Macmillan team attend our event too. Our congregation acknowledged the good work they do and a lot of them had personally benefited from their services. This has been an excellent opportunity for new people to learn about the Macmillan nurses and the great work they do. We had many people talk to the local Macmillan nurses and share some of their experiences and the care they have shown. This is a brilliant project.

Jazakallah khairun to all those who helped in any capacity to make the event successful. May Allah reward you for your efforts.